Technical support for recording studios and vintage audio equipment in London and the Home Counties, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. Neve, SSL, Harrison, Studer, Ampex, Sony and many more. Apple Macintosh computers and ProTools.

Richard Barrie, an electronics engineer with more than 30 years experience in the music industry, has his workshop in Buckinghamshire, England.

Currently employed as the Senior Technical Support Engineer at AIR Studios in London, I also undertake commissions  from private studios and musicians.

I can supply advice and diagnosis of technical problems and can provide help whether your problem is a simple wiring question or a vintage recording desk that no longer works as it should.

I have experience of most major manufacturers products and have worked with Apple MacIntosh computers since the mid 80s.

My workshop is fully equipped to deal with most problems and I also undertake the renovation of vintage audio equipment which can include the tracking down of obsolete parts or the manufacturing of equivalent electronic circuitry to keep a favourite piece of equipment functioning.

This web site shows some of the projects I have done and others that I am working on currently.

Richard Barrie, a recording studio technical engineer with more than 30 years experience, can be contacted at


Some of my album credits can be found on the Artists Direct website.

Photographs and the history of Virgin’s Manor Studios original mixing desk can be found here : Manor Desk

Pictures of modifications done to a Tweed CL609 stereo compressor can be found here : Tweed CL609

More information about myself can be found here : CV