I was asked to make this Tweed desk module into a freestanding unit.

It utilised a McMurdo multi-pin connector on the rear to slot into the desk frame. I was unable to source a mating connector, and as I am a great believer in leaving vintage equipment as close to original as possible (in case it is ever required to fit back into a desk frame) I decided to manufacture an XLR panel and mount this on pillars on the back of the module.

I then also mounted the McMurdo connector also on pillars inside the module so that I could use the existing hole to bring my new wiring into the unit. I then was able to attached my new wiring on to the existing wiring on the McMurdo connector.

I used existing screw holes to fix my pillars to which meant that no mechanical modifications have been done to the original metalwork.

I charged £250 for the modification.

Richard Barrie, a recording studio technical engineer with more than thirty years experience, can be contacted at